Aviflora is a traditional family business that has been active at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport for several generations (already the 4th generation). This started in 1952, when Aviflora opened its very first point of sale at Schiphol Airport, now known as Schiphol East. When the airport subsequently moved from Schiphol East to the new Schiphol Centrum in the 1970s, Aviflora moved with it. In the years that followed, Schiphol grew more and more and Aviflora grew with it. In the meantime, the family business not only has sales points in all departure halls (Lounge 1, Lounge 2 and Lounge 3) and on the various piers of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport, but also a point of sale at Eindhoven Airport and points of sale at the floating flower market at Singel in Amsterdam. Spread over all points of sale, hospitable and skilled employees are ready every day to convey the Aviflora feeling to our customers. Aviflora uses two concepts in these sales outlets: “All the best from Holland” and “House of Tulips”. Aviflora would like to welcome you at one of our points of sale.