Welcome to our House of Tulips shop in Lounge 1, the Schengen area of Schiphol. Airplanes and passengers depart from the Schengen area to all Schengen countries. In addition, transfer passengers also depart from Lounge 1 from a Schengen country to other destinations such as the United States and Asia.

In our House of Tulips shop, the tulip, our most selling product, is central. Throughout the year you can visit our shop for tulip-related products, ranging from tulip bulbs, fresh tulips, wooden tulips, everlasting tulips and other tulip souvenirs. From 05:00-21:00 hours our hospitable and competent Aviflora team is at your disposal to inform and advise you with enthusiasm about our wide range, of which all articles can be taken on the plane. In order to keep surprising you, the shop and our products change their theme a number of times throughout the year, to suit every season. From January to June you can contact us for a wide range of summer bulbs, such as gladioli and freesias, but also for special pre-cooled tulip bulbs that can be planted immediately. From June to December, this bulb range is replaced by a wide range of winter bulbs, of which the tulip bulbs of all kinds are the most popular. As a true tulip specialist at the airport, you can also come to us all year round for fresh tulips in bunches ranging from 10 to 50 pieces. These tulips are packed in such a way that you can easliy take them on the plane.

We look forward to welcoming you to our House of Tulips shop in the Schengen area in Lounge 1.

If you want to know where we are located in the lounge, scroll down for a map.