The flower market at the Singel is one of the most colourful and fragrant sights of Amsterdam in all seasons. The unique thing about this location is that the colourful and wide range of products is displayed on floating boats. This is a relic from the time when all the flowers and plants on this market were still delivered daily by barge from the garden areas around the city. Since 1862, this floating flower market on one of the oldest canals in Amsterdam has become the most famous flower market in the Netherlands.


Aviflora is therefore proud to have two points of sale at this flower market. Throughout the year you are welcome to visit us from 09:00-16:00 hours for a wide range of Dutch and tulip related souvenirs, beautiful pottery, flower bulbs, seeds and plants, but also other (season-related) gifts/luxury items to decorate your home, shop or office. Many products from the range are often available all year round, displayed per season and colour to suit any interior. In short, our shops invite everyone, the traveler, the local resident or the company around the corner.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our flower boats at the Singel.