In addition to the fresh products, Aviflora also offers a wide range of other (tulip-related) souvenirs and gift items that suit every season. The fact that Aviflora is the Tulip specialist of Schiphol Amsterdam Airport and Eindhoven Airport is also reflected in the varied assortment of tulip souvenirs, such as the colourful range of wooden and everlasting tulips! We have a separate buyer and department who especially purchases all souvenirs and other gift items. Many of our gift items are composed with great care by our own souvenir team, after which these beautiful items spread all over the world. Below you can find a selection from our souvenir range.


Wooden Tulip mix

Wooden Tulip Rembrandt mix

Wooden Tulip with base

Everlasting Tulips

Everlasting Tulips Mix

Everlasting Tulips in pot